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Equity Based Financing

Private Equity
Venture Capital
Project Equity

Debt Financing

Project Loan
Working Capital
Term Loan
Unsecured Finance
Debt Restructuring

Retail Assets

Home Loan
Loan Against Property
Business Loan
Equipment Loan
Vehicle Loan

Investment Products

Equity & Debt
Future & Option Market
Research Report
Mutual Funds

Insurance Products

Life Insurance
General Insurance

Here are detailed workflows for our products

Term Loan:

Term loan is something which is repaid through regular periodic payments usually over a period of one to 10 years. Term loans are basically long term loans taken for a period of one or more than one Year. Term Loans are paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis but more so monthly and quarterly. Rate of interest generally depends on profile of borrower, prime lending rates etc. There are many Banks / MNCs /NBFCs provide this facility.

Unsecured Term Loan /Unsecured SME:

Unsecured Term Loan are generally available for SME's it starts from 10 Lakhs Onwards. It doesn't require any security /co-lateral /guarantor. Overall borrower can get finance Up to 5 Crores. It Can Be For 18 Months To 60 Months.Proprietor firm /Partnership Firm /Pvt. Ltd. /Ltd Companies can Take This Facility.There are many nationalized Banks /MNCs/NBFCs provide unsecured finance.

Loan Against Securities / Shares:

Loan against Securities offers you instant liquidity. You don't have to sell your securities. All you have to do is pledge your securities in favor of Bank. Then bank will grant you an overdraft facility up to a value determined on the basis of the securities pledged by you. A current account will be opened and you can withdraw money as and when you require. Interest will be charged only on the amount withdrawn and for the time span utilized.

This facility is available against the following securities:

Demat Shares
Mutual Funds Units
Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
Insurance Policies
Savings Bonds
NSC/KVP (Demat form)

Loan Against Gold:

Loan against gold this product is designed to provide liquidity against gold and gold ornaments without having to sell them. This product is ideal to meet agriculture and allied agriculture requirements like cultivation, dairy, poultry, fishery, etc. gold coin and gold ornaments lying idle can be put to productive use by availing Loan against Gold and Gold Ornaments.

Features Of This Product

Hassle-free quick processing of loans.
Simplified paperwork.
Easy payment options.
Attractive interest rate


These loans are meant for corporate Bodies. Bank lends to such entities on the strength of their Balance-sheet, the length of cash cycle .there are many types of loan products available for corporate clients in India. These loans are structured depending on the need of the client and the product available with lending bank.

Project Funding India is specialize in arranging corporate Loan,for These Loans Bank analyze the audited balance-sheets of borrower in the form of CMA data and accordingly line Of credit limit granted to the borrower .This limit is structured into various types of facilities as per Requirement of business. The function of corporate finance is to create value for the company. Corporate finance activity include private investors, venture capitalists Etc. Its very important to design Plan and execute a financing program, manage cash resources, implement and monitor financial Policies.

Corporate finance refers to the strategies, techniques and financial processes used to acquire, Manage and utilize capital asset. Some other activities involved in corporate finance include fundraising. For startup venture, securing investors, merging with other companies.

Cash Credit:

Cash credit facility is back bone of business. Good limit of cash credit makes business run smoothly. Cash credit is generally major part of working capital. Cash credit is arranged by Hypothecation of stock / goods, property Etc. The commodities stored in the ware house and Factories are kept as a security against the loan. The customer just has to keep margin and submit stock statement to the bank.

Venture Capital:

Venture Capital is financing for new business or money provided by investor to start up firms. Having long term growth potential. This is very important source of funding for start up that do not have access to capital market. Venture capital is method of financing in the form of Equity participation, venture capital finance provided not only for 'startup' but also for 'development of capital.

Machinery Loan:

For Each and Every Business, For Startup Or For Expansion Requires Machinery Loans.
Machinery Finance Contains Used machinery loan, loan for earthmover, Heavy equipment Loan, Printing Machinery Loan, Finance facility for JCB , ACE , Hitachi equipments like: -

Generator/DG Sets
CNC Machines
Offset Printing Machines
Industrial Power Presses
Injection Moulding Machines
Pressure/Gravity Die Casting Machines
Other Industrial Machineries packaging/embossing/Bar Code Machines.
Industrial Boilers
Medical Equipments
Infrastructure Equipments and
Office Equipments
Heavy Machinery
VMC Machines
Construction Machinery
Printing Machinery

Business Loan:

Business installment loans are simple unsecured business loans available to small and medium enterprises for your entire working capital needs.Business installment loan can be availed by Self employed individuals/professionals, Sole proprietorship firms, Partnership firms, Private limited companies and closely held limited companies Etc.Every small and medium sized enterprise needs access to working capital. The business installment loan not only helps you meet your working capital needs but also helps in expanding your business. With easy documentation and maximum benefits, this loan makes for some sensible capital fulfillment.
For Business Loan no security/collateral required. Repay with easy equated monthly installments. Simple documentation- With a business installment loan, you will need to submit documents only once. In contrast, cash credit facilities need you to provide collateral/security and submit documents regularly. Enjoy maximum loan tenure of up to 60 months.

Speedy loan processing Generally - 7 business days
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