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Private Investors

Private investors are a relatively new concept in India. However, they are emerging now  as strong wave of such investments in almost every domain recently, especially since some investors have been involved in successful ventures and are looking to re-invest more capital in companies within India.

From seed capital investors looking for start-ups to fund, angel invesotrs holding angel investment to successful businesses that now want to look at new projects, private investors and groups in India are looking to make an investment in entrepreneurial projects and business start-ups all over the country.

We receive hunderds of project proposals looking for investments,our expert Risk analyst team scans through them and only selects viable profiles based on the various factors. investors can view a wide range of business ideas, projects and proposals, and get in touch with anyone whose idea may pique their interest. Our  Network has expanded to over 20 countries around the world, connecting investors with successful entrepreneurs every day.

Private equity and venture capital investments have surged in India over the past three years, and so private investors and companies looking for growth capital have lots of opportunities to choose from. Are the investors there? Well, according to an article on Finace Tribunal, some experts have claimed that more millionaires live in Mumbai than on the entire west coast of the US.

The entrepreneurs and start-up companies seeking venture capital range from innovative inventions and revolutionary improvements in technology, to property development and retail stores. Our expert team of advisors look to not only give angel investors an opportunity to find entrepreneurs in India, but the ability to connect internationally.
Interested investors can send their information on  info@projectfundingindia.com